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Lime Green Packet #8
Colored Pages Are "Finished Samples"
Page Styles May Vary
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Lime Green Packet #8 includes the following 8 "pre printed" pages (onto heavy duty Pellon®)
with instructions and patterns. (
Pages 9 - 10 in progress.)

1.-2. Heavenly Father's Plan of Salvation - 5 Tagged Pockets, Girl/Boy Characters for moving through the Plan Of Salvation.
3.-4. The Ten Commandments. - 10 Scripture Treat Pockets with Tags - Learn the Ten Commandments .
5. - 6. Scripture Cookies - 34 Scripture Story match up, 24 cookie shapes/pattern match up.
7. - 8. Nutritious & Delicious and "Deli" - Keep "Deli" healthy by feeding him 40 different foods from teh 5 food groups/separate foods into food groups.
9. Hidden Pictures (in proress)
10. Bag of... (in progress)

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Reverence Book Lime Green #8 Complete
In Progress

Individual Page Name
Individual Unfinished Pages
Individual Finished Pages
Heavenly Father's Plan of Salvation (2 pages)
$13.00 pr
$48.00 pr
The Ten Commandments (2 pages)
$11.00 pr
$42.00 pr
Scripture Cookies (2 pages)
Includes Ingredients, Measure Match Ups and Expandable Cookie Jar. Cookies Sold Separately.
$14.00 pr
$48.00 pr
(pages only)
Nutritious & Delicious "Deli"
$12.00 pr
$44.00 pr

"Heavy Duty" Finished Covers - Unisex
$39.99 ea
"Heavy Duty" Finished Covers - Boy
$39.99 ea
"Heavy Duty" Finished Covers - Girl
$39.99 ea
"Heavy Duty" L.D.S. Finished Cover - Unisex
$39.99 ea
"Heavy Duty" L.D.S. Finished Cover - Boy
$39.99 ea
"Heavy Duty" L.D.S. Finished Cover - Girl
$39.99 ea
Heavenly Father's Plan of Salvation Kit
Kit includes:
Cover Fabric
Plan of salvation Page and Pieces
(Printed on Heavy Duty Pellon®)
Extra Pellon
Doll & Clothes Patterns
Pockets and Tag Patterns
Heavy Plastic for Spirit Dolls
Heavy Duty Adhesive
You Will Need:
Fabric Markers
1 Piece Blue Felt - 5" x 3 1/2"
1 Piece of Tan Felt - 5" x 4"
Embroidery Floss
Card Stock
10" Sew On Velcro
10" Velcro Tape
5" of Gathered Quilt Binding - 2" Wide
Can of Spray Starch
12" x 22" Cover Fabric - Medium Weight
Medium Rick-Rack
Gray Felt - 3" x 2"

Heavenly Father's Plan of Salvation Kit (2 page kit)
$18.00 kit

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